Soho, China Town, Leicester Square & Trafalgar Square

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Yesterday I did a photo walk around central London with Eddie Otchere from the V&A street photography course (see my Reading page for more on Eddie), plus Geraldine and Hilary, co-attendees. We began at the Groucho Club before wandering through Soho Square, across Charing Cross Road and down to China Town and Trafalgar Square. I set the camera (D90) to take in Black & White using the Picture Control setting, which meant that the on-screen preview was in B&W rather than colour. By using B&W I saw how the camera recorded the tonal range, and the textures rather than the colours. Whilst the on-screen display is small, the B&W previews guided me towards structure and composition and helped me ignore the usual colour splashes. I like the results, within the set I’ve shown in some cases the colour version, so you can compare. For instance we were inside the Elms Lester Painting Room & Gallery (, where I took the beautiful tonal shots, let me know your thoughts on the colour versions, including the long narrow painting room with Jesus in the far distance.