Helsinki post-trip


I had time to go over the shots I took in Helsinki and decided to re-publish some of them, as I did a consistent black & white conversion, rather than the various styles in earlier shots. Most of the shots were taken in and around the centre of the city, map below. Helsinki is a low-rise city whose architecture shows art deco influences in many places. We had enough time to get away from the city centre and stroll around the design district (lots of great shops), and the Eira district (Embassy’s and more shops) to see the hidden gems.  I’ll post shots individually as it gives readers the ability to Like the one’s they prefer, rather than as a whole gallery. On the final day the temperature dropped to -19, we walked for no more than half an hour and began to feel the frost setting in on our faces, and retired to a nice Viennese style cafe to warm up. Locals said this sort of temperature is normal – so if you visit in the winter, take the warmest clothes you have, or ski gear.