No Service


UPDATED Mar 24th: A replacement SIM card fixed this problem

My iPhone has been working well since I had it, since the 6.1.2 firmware update I get the dreaded “No Service” problem, shown below. Does anyone else have this problem with their iPhone? See beneath for fixes attempted, with no result.

  • Phone: iPhone 4, 342GB
  • Firmware: iOS 6.1.2
  • Carrier: O2 14.0
  • Modem firmware: 04.12.05

See screen shots for the annoying symptoms:

NoService 1

After passing through a tunnel on the train near Kings Cross, the iPhone says “No service”, so I choose Manual Selection of the carrier.

NoService 2

I click on “O2”, and get this “restricted” message – once this bug strikes, it doesn’t matter which network you click, they all give the same message.

NoService 3

Here you can see it’s O2 I clicked in the previous step

NoService 4

At 18:27 I switch the phone back to Automatic selection, and wait…

NoService 5

4 minutes later, still “No Service”. I”m north of Kings Cross, in an area I know to have a 3G signal – the phone worked fine here until this bug struck.

NoService 6

So I reboot

NoService 7

Enter my PIN code

NoService 8

And Lo and Behold, I’m back on O2

Things I have done to try and fix this:

  • Switch the phone to Aeroplane Mode, and Back: No effect
  • Reset the network settings: No affect, other than losing various passwords and being annoyed
  • Removed and re-inserted the SIM: Nothing
  • Hard reset the phone using iTunes Restore, and completely reloaded the firmware (downloaded from Apple)
  • Gone to Settings –> General –> About and waited to see if there is a carrier update: Nope

Current situation:

This keeps happening, usually when there is a weak signal, and the only way to get the phone back to normal is to reboot. It’s really annoying, as the unit was working fine up until the 6.1.2 update.

And recently, to add to the madness, the phone shows “No Service 3G” – it actually is connected to the 3G network but doesn’t show “O2 UK” like it should: