Books I recommend:

Other suggested reading from Eddie Otchere:

  • Alfred Steiglitz: ‘Photography is my passion. The search for truth is my obsession.’
  • Edward Steichen: Steeple-chase Day
  • Martin Munkacsi: Stop emulating painting and explore instead the features that are unique to the medium.
  • Sir John Benjamin Stone
  • Paul Martin (1864 – 1942)
    • Had I independent means I should probably have pursued exactly the same roads as other pictorial workers of the nineties(1890’s), whose ambition it was to make their photographs as much like a painted picture as they could… to produce effects which were certainly beautiful, but which took the photographer further and further away from life.
  • Frederick H. Evans: ‘see the strangeness, the newness in any subject, strange to other eyes, and to render that perfectly and with full meaning’
  • Philip Henry Delamontte
  • Felice A. Beato
  • Charles Negre
  • John Thomson
  • Fox Talbot
  • And lastly the philosophical musings of Duane Michals as exemplified in his book, Foto Follies: How Photography Lost Its Virginity on the Way to the Bank.

Eddie Otchere

Eddie gave a course on street photography at the V&A, links to his work and life here: