Below are the photos from June 21st, arranged in collections based on chronological order from the day. The photos provided in each gallery are full size JPEG images, suitable for printing, should you feel so inclined. The black and white photos are available in colour, just get in touch with us.

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Magician and Photographer

Who was who at the wedding:

Liz Jay, Marion’s Mum

Josanne Hodgson, Bill’s Mum

Barrie, Bill’s Dad

Samantha, Bill’s Daughter

Tabbi, Marion’s Daughter

Joyce, Marion’s Auntie

Sara, Bill’s Sister

Janet, Marion’s Auntie & Liz’s Sister

David, Janet’s Husband

Alex, Tabbi’s boyfriend

Judi, Bill’s cousin

David, Judi’s Husband

Corinna, Marion’s sister

Nigel, Corinna’s partner

Billy, Corinna & Nigel’s son

Viv, Corinna & Nigel’s daughter
Jessica, Marion’s Sister

Reg, Jessica’s Partner
Ethan, Jessica’s Son Magnus, Jessica’s Son Ted, Jessica and Reg’s Son

Mac Macleod, friend of Marion

Gill, friend of Marion

Charles, Gill’s husband

Ian ‘Fred’ Hill, friend of Bill’s

Terri Hill, Ian Hill’s wife

Michael Ellison, our friend

Andrew (Best Man) & Jacqui Aikens

Last but not least, Graham, friend of Bill, bon viveur

Cairo, Marion and Bill’s Cat, sunbathing